Environmental Protection Technical Services for trading and contracting company

Water Treatment is a crucial element in every industrial field.

Environmental Protection:

Over The years our industry has evolved to be one of the most environmentally conscious in the world, and we are proud to have been one of the biggest proponents to change. We Introduced advanced oil filtering solutions that are immensely efficient and sustainable.

Innovation Is Our Core:

165109925-2At EPTS we are committed to bring the latest and most sophisticated technical achievements in engineering to forefront of the production line.  Thanks to our diverse team of engineers and administrators we are able to help our clients tackle the most complex problems the industry is facing.


There are many ways to achieve a specific task when it comes to implementing new technology. But some of them may produce undesired side effects or significant risk. Therefore we always rely on intensive research and technical experience to help our clients make the right decisions with minimal risk and waste.