Corrosion removal

TermoRens has managed to create a product that is as effective on the outside as it is on the inside of the piping. After several years of product development and testing the products Termorens Gel and Systemrens Gel were finalised in the beginning of this year. The product is applied on outside surfaces affected by corrosion and in the course of one day all of the corrosion is gone.

Before & After:



The product can replace sandblasting, pigging and acid washing, which currently are the most commonly used methods for removing rust. All of these methods have major environmental drawbacks. For both sandblasting and acid washing larger areas needs to be closed off and there is noticeable contamination. Pigging causes very high and often harmful noise levels that require good protection for those performing the work as well as the people in the vicinity. With the use of a gel that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable all of this can be avoided. In addition, the gel is very easy to use.
It is sprayed onto the surfaces and then steamed off after 24h. At our recent project with Saudi Aramco this method was used with remarkably positive results. Were we removed all the corrosion that has built up on the well heads. The total savings to our client amounted to millions of dollars just from a handful of well heads, the savings that will be generated from a project of larger scale can exceed a billion dollars.