Produced water



  • The AWAS AFFINITY separator is a flotation plant in a tower design with prolonged floating time .

  • It can remove free floating oil and also dispersed oil and temporary emulsions to a high extent.

  • It can work without chemicals , just by cavitation in a rapid expansion valve which splits light emulsions.

  • The system is available in open and gastight version. Standard installation is in safe area.

System Description


The oily water is pumped by a frequency controlled pump through the AWAS SATURATOR and the AFFINITY SEPARATOR system.
The AFFINITY tower has an inner cylinder in which the oil is separated from water and floats on top. Purified water flows underneath a baffle and rises in the ring room between inner cylinder and AFFINITY body to the top.
Inner and outer water level are controlled and will remove the oil layer on top of the inner cylinder.

System Description Affinity


Oily water is pumped through the system in a continuous process. Flow, pH, temperature and conductivity are measured Compressed air or gas is injected into the AWAS saturator and set under pressure.
The air/gas dosage is controlled with a level control and doses exactly the quantity of air/gas which saturates the water to 100% At the outlet of the SATURATOR is a rapid expansion valve which creates a cavitation which splits light emulsions and separates little oil droplets from water.
The pressure releases in form of microscopic little air/gas bubbles which encapsulate the oil droplets. A foamy cream is formed. The uplift power of the bubbles and the pressure of proceeding bubbles will push the oily slurry on top of the AFFINITY separator.
The oil layer on top of the water will give an adhesive power which attracts the floating oil droplets to attach fast to the layer. The oil free water flows underneath a baffle and rises in the ring room between AFFINITY cylinder and the AFFINITY body up.
It flows over a weir to the outlet. The water level can be adjusted by a sleeve in the water outlet pipe. It is adjusted in such a way that the oil layer in the inner cylinder is pushed out through an oil discharge pipe. Thin oil layer removal can be enforced by a surface scraper.

Oil – in – Water treatment monitoring process

Proanalysis is the one of our Partener, who has produced an innovative technology, to give cost-effective solutions to the Oil and Gas industries, based on Optical Sensor Technology, combining superior technological insight with a unique understanding for user needs.

Arqus process :

Proanalysis has developed this system as for water treatment process monitoring and optimization to control and optimize measurement of Oil In Produced Water before injection. The system is online which enables Operator to See Oil In Water (OIW) before injection.

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