Scale Removal

Termorens is a specialised product that will solve many problems that face both the petroleum and the water sector. It is designed for Maximum efficiency.

Product description:

TermoRens is a biodegradable liquid that that contains no toxins. The liquScale_pipeid is composed of citric acid, phosphoric acid, inhibitor and water. It is an easily solvable, yellow-brown liquid with a characteristic odour. Density 1.3 and pH 1.5.


Instructions and dosage:

Piping systems with a poor flow after some time of use must be cleaned in order to maintain their power. By cleaning with TermoRens, all coatings are dissolved easily and go back into liquid form and facility regains full performance.

Termorens enters the facility via its own pump. For a heating system calculate 10% of the plant’s volume. For cooling systems calculate 15% of the plant’s volume. The cleaning process is the fastest when heated to about 40-60 degrees C. You can also clean with a cold mixture if it is mixed with glycol.

When the liquid is mixed in it circulates with the plant’s own pumps. Be sure to have all valves open so the liquid can reach everywhere. If you want to clean exchangers, simple heat exchanges, single radiators, coils, capacitors or other parts that does not have their own circulation, a pump is used. The time required depends on how much build up there is in the system and its consistency.

Most facilities typically want full power back within a day. For individual components the cleaning process often takes only a few hours. Resistant build-up such as lime, rust etc. is dissolved into liquid form that is flushed out of the system after cleaning. Rinse out all the liquid in the plant after cleaning. TermoRens can be used on all types of plastics and metals without causing damage. It does not damage seals and bushings in the system. Cleaning gives a plant back the optimal conditions that save money in the form of lower energy consumption and unnecessary and costly downtime